2008.03.25 congratulation on the inaugurate of winterthur insurance from France PDS Cabling Project.

2008.05.12 congratulation on the inaugurate of Lloyd's Register from U.K. Alcatel OXE project.

2008.07.25 congratulation on the inaugurate of Impregilo from Italy IT project.

2008.12.08 congratulation on the inaugurate of Areva PCW from France IT project.

2011.03.18 celebrate the French Alstom Grid Technical Center Co., Ltd. officially opened for operation!


Sunatel Telecom Co.,Ltd. was established in 1996, was located in downtown Shanghai, with professional weak system integrated technical service, has won more reputations from hundreds of multi-national companies.

We provide all professional of system integrated solutions and the most popular of the "Internet of Things"(IOT), in other words, is to help you to communicate. Not just a simple conversation, data exchange, or graphics transfer, we want to break the barriers between people, things, network as well as between the system and the system. In this way, people are able to build closer relationships with each other.

Today's competition is intense, the only way is to win the trust of customers and to supply satisfaction, thoughtful and comprehensive service.We know the challenges and opportunities in the new economy. In the business, you will feel the effects of customer service from all aspects, with the new technology and equipment, you can stand out from competitors. To win the challenges and opportunities, you need a partner, he should have the new technology, all perfect proposal and many years of experience. Can supply complete technical solutions to help you succeed.

As a professional weak system integrated company, our business scope including:

1.To set up networking, computer and telecom equipment.
2.Provide professional commercial telecom equipment (PABX equipment & accessories).
3.Provide Intelligent cabling system.
4.Provide intelligent residential building projects, meeting room solutions, and IT room environment monitoring system.
5.Provide information management systems: e-ERP (enterprise resource planning) and e-BPR (Business Process Rebuild), with all maintenance services.
6.To build website and webmail.

We provide professional telecom systems solutions, cabling solutions, company website building and Intelligent residential building projects, including door access control system, perimeter alarm system, patrol management system, Closed Circuit Television Monitoring System, Reporting hall speaker system,Public addressing system, Parking system. For office meeting solution, we provide the POLYCOM audio and video conference proposal , projector equipment and office meeting-room central control system.

Networking solution, we provide services to set up Computer Networking like WAN, LAN, Intranet, and supply design & develop Internet web site construction. Our buying service provides desktop & laptop, and software like Windows 8ˇ˘Windows Server and all computer and networking accessories, like server,switch,routers,etc.

Intelligent building solutions, we provide monitoring, access control system, perimeter alarm, Public addressing system,etc.

Date centre solutions, we provide the frame cabinets, gas fire-extinguishing system, anti-static floor, power distribution, UPS, environmental monitoring system.

Meeting room solutions, we provide the the polycom video and audio systems, projectors, curtains and hangers engineering, whiteboard and reporting hall speaker system.

Software solutions, we provide all kinds of operating systems (Windows Server, NT, UNIX, LINUX), ERP (Microsoft Dynamics AX), AUTO CAD, PHOTOSHOP, MACAFEE, OFFICE software installation and maintenance.

Website solutions, we provide domain name registration, space hosting, webmail, web design, with a all-in-one service.

PABX solution, we provide all kinds of high-quality digital PABX and terminal equipment, such as voice mail, billing systems, auto attendant, recording systems, special cables, PTA application and indoor cabling project.

We provide all kinds of high-quality cabling products and provider proposal,budgetary, engineering, project management and maintenance.

We provide high quality customer service, including pre-sales and after-sales service. We provide comprehensive service like consulting, design, installation, training and maintenance, to help you to adding greater value to customer.

Sunatel Telecom Co., Ltd. ‘s mission is provides All In One service, to help every large or medium sized enterprise , to set up IT infrastructural and optimize and make full use of their resources , to increase our customers productivity.


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